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Constitutional Council’s Decisions Publications in French 1996 – 2016 In cooperation with UNDP

On Thursday 11 th of January 2018, the Constitutional Council released the Council’s Decisions
publications from 1994 to 2016 in French, in the presence of the President of the Council Dr.
Issam Sleiman, and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Country Director,
Ms. Celine Moyroud, accompanied by a delegation from UNDP and from the Lebanese
Elections Assistance Project (LEAP).


As part of its ongoing support to the Constitutional Council, LEAP, which is fully funded by the
European Union, supported the translation and the production of the Council’s Decisions
publications aiming to disseminate the Lebanese expertise in the field of the constitutional justice
worldwide, and to share it with the Union of Constitutional Councils and Courts. The
Constitutional Council Decisions are composed of 2 volumes: volume 1 is related to the
constitutionality of laws and volume 2 is related to electoral disputes.


In addition, LEAP provided assistance in enhancing the administrative capacity of the Council,
especially for the upcoming Parliamentary Elections, through procuring equipment such as
computers, printers, shredders, photocopiers, amongst others.


It is worth mentioning that the Constitutional Council, in cooperation with LEAP, has
developed previously a publication entitled “Guide on the work of the Constitutional Council”.

11 January 2018

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