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Candidate Registration Process: A successful pilot project in Akkar

“Akkar is known for being the most rural area in Lebanon; but we are changing this image by being the first governorate to adopt the new electronic candidate registration project in Local Elections”, said the governor of Akkar, Mr. Imad Labaki.
During the preparation of the 2014 parliamentary elections, the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities (MOIM), supported by the Lebanese Elections Assistance Project (LEAP), implemented a new automated system for candidate registration. Consequently, the MoIM encouraged the governorate of Akkar to adopt the new electronic candidate registration system during the candidate registration period from 5 to 23 May 2016 prior to the local elections.


“The candidate registration project provided us with the advantage of generating several detailed statistical reports and candidate lists for each race and town in a fast and accurate process”, stated governor Labaki. “I was able to look for a file and retrieve all the information needed in a very simple and quick way”.


After an in-depth assessment of the IT infrastructure and human resource capacities, LEAP equipped the candidate registration unit in Akkar with a fully operational IT set and trained a team of 10 data inputters to receive and process candidate applications. During the candidate registration period, the unit received and processed 4200 applications. The governor’s office generated real time accurate reports on the number of candidates per village, gender, age and type of elections.


“I cannot thank the LEAP team enough for all the work that has been done in Akkar, and I am looking forward for future collaboration for the upcoming parliamentary elections”, said governor Labaki.


The Ministry of Interior and Municipalities (MoIM), supported by UNDP LEAP, has adopted since 2013 the approach of modernizing the electoral process by upgrading the candidate registration system and introducing a digital candidate registration tool.
In addition to the candidate registration process, LEAP piloted the electronic results management system on E-Day, in parallel with the existing one used by the registration committees in Akkar. This pilot will allow LEAP to draw useful lessons learned on how the new system can function better in order to fully digitize the results management process.
LEAP is funded by the European Union.
08 JUNE 2016

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