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Get out the Vote Media Awareness Campaign

The UNDP Lebanese Elections Assistance Project developed and launched a public media
awareness campaign – “Get out the Vote” on the 16th of April aiming to encourage the young
and first-time voters to participate in the parliamentary elections. The campaign stressed on
the importance of the youth participation in the electoral process and aimed at providing and
reminding the citizens of the essential electoral information on how to vote.
The campaign run from 16th April to 4 May, and included many communication tools such as
2 TV, cinema & radio spots and 2 printed visuals (for unipoles, LED screens, posters and
press ads). In addition, and within the project’s framework to provide voter education
materials, 3 animation clips were developed addressing the young and first-time voters and
included information on 1) how to vote, 2) the details of a ballot paper and how to use it; and
3) main rules on E-Day.
Moreover, a simulation of the voting booth was formed and delivered to more than 10
universities across Lebanon branded with the message of the campaign, where the students
can find flyers demonstrating in illustrations step by step the voting process on each booth.

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