Tentative Elections Day Countdown

						year: 2020,
						month: 5,
						day: 9,
						hour: 20,
						minute: 30
Electoral Law No. 44


The UNDP Lebanese Elections Assistance Project (LEAP) started its activity in October 2012 with the main objective to strengthen the institutional capacity of the national institutions and stakeholders in terms of electoral management and administration, for the conduct of credible, periodical, transparent and inclusive elections in Lebanon.


To achieve these objectives, LEAP works closely with the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities (MoIM), which has responsibilities for electoral management, administration and overall electoral operations. The project also supports other electoral stakeholders, such as the Constitutional Council, State Council, Supervisory Commission for the Election Campaign (SCEC) and judicial bodies with responsibilities for electoral disputes, electoral campaign monitoring. In addition, the project works in close cooperation with civil society organizations active in the area of elections.


Within this context, UNDP LEAP is providing electoral technical assistance and advisory support through a multi-component approach focused on the following areas:


1) Management & Administration of Elections
LEAP supports the MoIM in building its institutional capacity to prepare, implement and conduct electoral processes in a professional, transparent and inclusive manner.


2) Supervision of Election Campaigns
The project helps build and support the capacity of the institution mandated to supervise and monitor election campaigns in an effective, transparent and credible manner.


3) Voter Education
Increasing awareness on elections and its procedures through providing access to relevant information and knowledge is one of the main objectives of the project.


4) Resolution of Election Disputes
LEAP works on enhancing the capacity of the judicial bodies to perform their mandate in a credible, professional and transparent manner.


5) Women’s Participation in Elections
The objective focuses on building awareness on the relevant special measures that can be taken by the Lebanese authorities and stakeholders to promote increased representation of women in elections.


Donors and Contribution


Donor Contribution (Award) Implementation Period
UNDP $52,763.21 31 August 2012 – 31 December 2013
USAID $905,097.89 1 September 2012 – 31 March 2014
UK $403,877.22 1 October 2012 – 31 December 2015
EU $6,342,602.31 1 January 2013 – 31 December 2017
TOTAL $7,704,340.63 2 January 2013 – 31 December 2017





48.54% is the Total Voter Turnout for the 2016 Local Elections


Hotline center received 5334 calls during the 4 phases of Local Elections 2016


In 2016, 663 Women were elected in Municipal Councils


In 2016, 1.9% of the elected Mukhtars are women


The voter turnout in 2009 was approximately 53.37%


In 2009, the total number of women candidates was 12


In 2009, an estimated 1% of the total casted votes were blank

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